Friday, August 29, 2008

Rock On!

Our Farhan Akhtar who art in the seventh heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy 'Rock On' come
Thy hits will be done
On Earth as it is in heaven

Give us this day our daily dose of good movies
And forgive us our trespasses like 'Bachna Ae Haseeno'
As we forgive them that trespass against 'Rock On'

And lead us not into temptation like 'Singh is Kinng'
But deliver us from evil like 'God Tussi Great Ho'
For thine is the box office, the power and the glory
Forever and ever


Sunday, August 24, 2008


I have been tagged by the great Stiletto.

In compliance...

Are you blissfully content?
Yes, if you find me with a chocolate flavoured ice-cream.

You are happiest when...
It rains at night and you can watch the raindrops drip on your window.

The best compliment you have ever received...
"We trust you"

The one Bollywood film you can relate to?
Dil Chahta Hain - I think there is an Akash/Sameer/Sid in each one of us. For the record, I think I am Sameer.

What do you consider your biggest strength?
I remain cool-headed in practically every situation. Anger is a stranger to me.

The one thing that you fear the most?
Confronting the ghosts of the past.

How do you deal with problems?
Umm...I don't deal with them...I run away from them.

Any regrets?
I have hurt too many people because of my habit of letting others control my life and make decisions of my behalf.

Have you ever attempted suicide?
Not yet...and hopefully will never. There is nothing that cannot be settled with a good Dairy Milk bar of chocolate

The wildest/wackiest/craziest thing you've ever done?
Guess its too crazy to be described here, but I know that I loved it while I was at it.

Your deepest, darkest secret?
Whoever tells secrets in public?

Your most embarrassing moment?
Twice I have walked up to customers in stores assuming them to be store keepers and asked where I could find a particular thing, only to get a bewildered look from them and an explanation.

The one person you can’t imagine your life without?
There isn't just one person.

Have you ever really loved a man/woman?
Yes! Thank God I did!!!

The last time you cried like a baby?
Not so long ago.

Have you ever been slapped by a woman? Did you deserve it?
Not quite, unless I want to count school days.

If you had one ‘Genie wish’ granted to you, what would it be?
Hey! can you give me a figure like Malaika Arora when I am 50?

What would you like your epitaph to read?
I don't want to be remembered. I prefer annonymity.

Do you wish to change anything about yourself?
Wish I could be more strong-willed and determined.

Your biggest achievement to date (personal/professional)
To take the most important decision of my life, all on my own and to be able to stand by it.

The one trait you would specifically look for in your life partner/soul mate?
He should be as crazy as I am, if not more. On a serious note, honesty would be appreciated.

Do successful career women inspire jealously and insecurity in their spouses/boyfriends?
I don't believe it.

Chivalry seems to have taken a nosedive. Agree/ Disagree?
Naah, there are loads of nice guys. I meet them everyday.

Would you rescue a woman in trouble? Or just turn a blind eye and walk away?
I rescue anyone in any kind of situation if I can. - I agree with Stiletto.

How comfortable are you mingling with new people in real life?
I am at best prim, proper and formal with them. Don't open up easily with people.

Do you judge people by the way they dress or converse?
The way they converse? Yes, that is my only parameter for judging people. Clothes don't impress me much.

Should one-night-stands be forgiven?
Yes, if it happened out of an emotional bonding.

How do you define success?
Being too euphoric to sleep at night.

How would you introduce yourself to me if we were to meet in person?
:-) Kyaa hum pehle bhi kahi mil chuke hain?

Sunday, August 03, 2008


If watching the Dark Knight was fun, then going to a theater, first day (night actually - in USA they screen the first show at night) to watch a Rajnikant movie (Tamil was never my forte) only proves that I am beginning to lose it. But I had to! Armed with J and A, two of my friends who were born speaking Tamil the three of us made it to the cinema hall with masala tea, cauliflower pakoras and topped our midnight snack with samosas while Rajni proved why he is the best.

Kuselan has a simple storyline (thank God! that is why I could follow it) and has some great actors. I mean when you don't understand a word of the whole movie except the odd 'Sorry' and 'Thank You' you try and check out people's facial expressions to know the story. And Pashupati was clearly the winner. As Bala the poor barber who was bosom friend of now superstar Ashok Kumar (Rajnikant) Pashupati lives the role of the man who does not know how to react when people cajole him to arrange for a meeting with the super star. But how? Bala is a poor man and his once childhood friend is a celebrity and the twain shall not meet. His dilemma clearly shows on his face and his distress is a feast for the eyes.

J&A informed me that because of the Hogenakkal row, certain sections were not going to the release. But wow! what I saw amazed me enough! A bursting theater. Young men in white shirts and dhotis, people screaming shouting and throwing marble paper confetti every time Rajni made an appearance, I have never been through something like this! And Rajni did not disappoint.

Scenes like this:
Demure Rajni is the Egyptian prisoner who is chained and brought in front of the queen (Nayanthara). With the flash of his eyes, he breaks the shackles and his clothes change to that of a prince and then they start dancing.

Another one:
Rajni is a framed photograph and when Nayanthara comes to look at him, he jumps out of the photo, beheads himself in front of her. His headless body runs back to the frame while his head chases Nayanthara through the room. Does it get better than this?

Yes it does:
Rajni is a guerrilla fighter who has been captured by a Japanese opponent in the middle of a jungle. She throws two sticks in two opposite directions and they get nailed to the barks of two trees. Rajni blindfolds himself and throws two knives in the two opposite directions and the knives cut the sticks in half. Our Japanese lady is all ga-ga over Rajni and presumably, they break into a dance soon after that!

Aside all these stunts, I still maintain that Rajni is a fine actor and even though I have never seen any movie of his before, I have seen enough movies in my lifetime to know a good actor and Rajni surely is one of the creme.

As I came out of the hall and looked at the three story high poster of Rajni hanging from the walls of the theater,I could not help but say wow!

P.S. - People tell me that we are supposed to pour milk over his photograph as a sign of respect. Now that's a stunt that matches Rajni's stature.

P.P.S. - for all you Rajni fans