Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I think I must have had the most boring VD ever. I stared at the PC and the PC stared back at me. It was shifting time, Jaya had left and I moved to her place and all through the day I was immersed in moving papers and transferring files, informing the people who mattered and getting things started. Well, the initial hiccups have remained and my mail is not working and despite the terrific forwards that my friends have been sending over for the past few days, I have not been able to read anything at all.

It’s a lot fun now sitting where I am, amidst friends; but for them I would have lost my head in this absolutely mindless place. Three times now, my core team-members have changed in the past three months. I have remained…residue? Sometimes I think of the Brooke’s Song- ‘For men may come and men may go but I go on forever’

Work is a little under control, its been nearly two months since I started taking it seriously and I think I am getting the grips. Good for me, because it was getting a little tedious opening my mailbox every ten minutes to check for mails, out of sheer lack of any constructive activity. I used to solve puzzles, write blogs (apologies though this is no mean meaningless time pass) and chat. These nefarious activities are now a thing of the past, because cry has gone around the workplace ‘The Costing Module suffers, because Anwesha- the most diligent insufferable worker of them all is neglecting her work and the module is languishing!!!!’ Its fun now, writing code and seeing it execute actually. A new baby is born every week and Mamma is happy.

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