Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Top 10 reasons why there's gotta be something different about today.

  1. Woke up late as usual after banging the alarm atleast five times. Thought I'd miss the train, but voila!!!! today trains were as late as I was, which meant that we both arrived at the platform at the same time.
  2. Got a seat in the train without having to conduct the ritual morning quarrel with anyone. I even thought that the gruff old lady who usually snorts at me every morning, smiled for a change.
  3. No one pushed me or edged me as I walked amongst the crowds at the station. Seems everyone (read men) wanted to take a break from their diurnal activities.
  4. Radio Mirchi went blared all good things about women and surprisingly the men in our bus seemed to take an amused view of it. We women laughed our heads off.
  5. As I walked into office, I was greeted with a smile, a rose and a perfume. Now, why can't they do this on the days when I don't have time to take a bath!
  6. My colleagues who normally dread my appearance seemed to be pleased to see me today. I later found out that there was a code delivery and on account of it being 8th March, they thought I would not be coming!
  7. Something's been done about the full size mirror in the restroom. I thought I looked thinner.
  8. Got some super camouflage software installed on my PC. Checked mail, chatted, surfed the net, called up friends all morning, everyone thought I was working seriously
  9. Got some swell program in the afternoon, and you get chocolates just for attending it. Aaah beautiful life!
  10. Something was mixed in the food they served in the canteen today. Everyone has forgotten about the code delivery!!!! Wow

Something's in the air today. Aaaaaaaah!

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