Monday, April 24, 2006

The day I chickened out

Exactly a year ago on this day, I cooked chicken for the first time! Ma had been away from home for a month, Dad was in office, the maid had been disposed off, it was a weekend and my hands were itching to hold Ma's new non stick copper bottomed wok in her absence. The setting was perfect. I had never cooked chicken, but S my star cook friend who knows something about everything assured me that she was going to remain on call for as long as it took me to get the thing done.

I wasn't taking any chances. Since, it was my first time; I decided not to experiment much. Armed with S's recipe and my mother's cook book and another chicken preparation they taught on the Sunday afternoon cookery show, I thought I was on my way to churning out a heady concoction. True to her word, S guided me through the entire process over the phone. She was out shopping that day and I wonder how she managed to tell exactly how much onion I was to use amidst deciding on the right colour for her curtain rods.

The result was something that definitely looked like some kind of meat, smelt of over fried oil (we forgot the garam masala part) and tasted like something distinctly non vegetarian. The similarities ended there. We digested my expectations and the food with loads of cold water. Exactly a year ago, I thought that it was mighty decent of Dad to eat all that with a smile and without protest. Exactly a year ago it was his birthday.


First Rain said...

A very Happy B'day to your dad! :) Hope the chicken turns out better this year!

Akash said...

Wish this day happily returns to your Pa many many times hence.

And congratulations on the first anniversary. Surely this time around, the birthday is not celebrated with just a chicken feed; rather a plenty of other delicacies too, which you, unlike a chicken-hearted chick, must have cooked yourself without being (mi)S-guided.

zoxcleb said...

happy birthday to ur dad... what did u cook for him this year?

stiletto said...

Happy Birthday to your dad!!

You shud grill chicken - hardly a way you can go wrong there! :)

(unless you burn it completely!!)

And btw, u shud get ur dad the amazing gajar halwa that u make - no matter what the season is.

Aparna.G said...

awww! now isnt that sweet??? dads r always these awesome ppl who eat everything we daughters cook for them...

happy belated bday to him...

btw, u in kol off is it?

Anwesha Chatterjee said...

Thank you thank you thank you! Shall convey the wishes to the father! Now two things prevented me from trying out further kinetics in the kitchen. Firstly Ma has been back and has refused to move out since she was given a full report of my activities by my traitor father. Secondly, for reasons best known to the Mother and Father, I have been advised to stay away from all things remotely poultifric. I thought I was good at making omlettes, but it seems they don't even want me to make those. My usual sunny side is now down!!!!

@Stiletoes: Gajar ka halwa takes 4 -6 hours to cook! Too hot to attempt that in summer. Alas! we are too poor to afford an air-conditoned kitchen.

@Aparna: Yes me in kol off. You in tvm naa?

Aparna.G said... in tvm now, but, moving to mumbai by mid-may!!