Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Thousand Words

Holy Cow!

Ainul - my little friend

Grand Ma obviously enjoying this trip


Akash said...

Three pictures… one thousand words …. Which means 333.333333 words a picture … tooo long a post to read through the whole ….. Anyways, say hello to Ainul on my behalf… convey my regards to your gandma …and most most importantly, please please feed some more rosogolla, sandesh, pantua to the holy cow to put some flesh on her bones. She looks like a typical newly-wed bong bahu who are always afraid of eating full stomach because of angry glares from their mothers-in-law

Anwesha Chatterjee said...

Hey Akash!

Nooooooo...cow is on a diet!!! She is auditioning for Ekta Kapoor's latest soap 'Kyunki Kow bhi Kabhi Kalf thi'

Akash said...

Believe me I also guessed that. It is just now Ekta Kapoor called me to inform that the Kow had escaped the set of KKBKKT and asked me whether I saw the kow around. Let me tell you a secret, I simply hushed up the fact that the kow was here on your weblog.:-D

The Reprobate said...

The Pleasure AND most definitely mine

Everyman said...

that's a very slim cow! (I know that slim wouldnt be the right word..but hey, that's what they call 'perspective'!)

Joy Forever said...

Nice photos... perhaps you would bother to say where you went? :)

Anwesha Chatterjee said...

@Akash: thanks sure do know how to keep a secret!

@Reprobate: You're the best :-D

@Everyman: you're right!!! She's slim, that why she is so photogenic!

@Joy forver: if the pictures give you joy forever, does it matter what place it is? Would 'gram baangla' make any sense?

Joy Forever said...

'Gram Bangla' does make sense, but it does not make it easier for me to find that place and visit there. But as you said rightly, it hardly matters, as I can find joy in any other place as well... :)