Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The good, the bad and the desi.

Whoever thought that a silly movie like Dostana could be called 'entertaining' should be refunding me Rs490 for watching it. I was certainly not entertained and more so embarrassed by the excesses of the movie. The sensivity with which they handled the issue of homosexuality reminded me of Michael Jackson dangling his newborn infant on one leg from the top of his hotel window.

Came back completely bored, hungry and almost injured. We were there to watch the movie on the opening day and we literally had to jump ropes and push people to make it to the theatre. And when we finally made it to the hall, the smarter desis who got there before we did, had reserved all the seats. Consequently, all of us friends who had gone there had to sit separately, and that made the movie further unwatchable.

Two days later, I made it again to watch Quantum of Solace. Whoa! I loved the near empty hall and the fact that I did not have to jostle for seats. We got to choose which row we wanted to sit and because it was all empty, we could even decide whether we wanted to sit towards the left of the screen or towards the right. Whatarelief! I loved QoS and I think it had much more to do with the ambience of the hall than with the movie alone. Anyway, Daniel Criag was outstanding as the killing machine and our 21st century Bond isn't looking at women unless it is absolutely necessary. Haa haa haa.


stiletto said...

yes... for some reason ppl have been paying big bucks to watch john abraham slip into lemon yellow undies

Anwesha Chatterjee said...

Hee hee. True. Yet, we go on to watch such silly movies in the hall, first day (last show)

Avaran said...

oh even i too watched QoS in a near empty theatre.... and i loved it absolutely.... daniel craig has style!

yeah, i was wondering, why, bond doesn even have time for girls now???

Oirpus said...

The movie depends heavily on the WOW factor created by unstable camera shots (unnecessary to be exact) and a complete lack of witty dialogues that so much characterises a Bond movie. Even the very tag of 'I am Bond, James Bond' was missing. The title song ... I wished someone could mute it for me.
A total bullpoop of a movie.