Thursday, August 19, 2010

How often has it happened to you that you are in a group of people who are so much more smarter than you are that you feel stupid? That you feel lost and are overcome with hopelessness?

Don't ever be overwhelmed by anyone. If somebody knows a few things that you don't, chances are that you know a few things which they may not know. Like making the perfect spanakopita or singing a raga perfectly or even helping strangers in the middle of the night.

The trick is to absorb the positive energy that smart people emanate. To use that energy to strive for improvement. After all, being with the best makes me better"


pankaj said...
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pankaj said...

Hello mam,
it was really a grt tym reading ur blogs. i like d way u write,may b its also coz i like to write d way much related to ur way.
its not said to hurt ur feelings. but to let u know that u can hv a look at my blogs too,which might turn out to b helpful to u,as ur blogs did it for me.

finally,i m a starter so plz ignore,if at mistake.


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Oirpus said...

Happens All the time... only additionally, during the soaking in I remind myself to not burp out loud with satiety and let everyone know I am an intruder.