Friday, January 13, 2006

How to wake up at 6:30 and leave home by 7:15 - Tips from the Expert.

Valuable suggestions from the one who has been there done it.

5:30 -Ignore Alarm. Do not put on snooze.
6:00 - Ignore Father and Mother's polite requests to vacate bed.
6:15 - Ignore Father and Mother's stern requests to vacate bed.
6:30 -Repond to Mother's threat to throw you out with the bed sheet.
6:35 -Find another room to sleep
6:40 -Find Mother wanting to remove bed cover in that room too.
6:45:00 -Start brushing teeth.
6:45:30 -Stop brushing teeth.
7:00 -Stagger out of bathroom, vital essentials completed.
7:05 -Finally decide to wear the yellow outfit.
7:10:00 -Allow Mother to stash spoonfuls of food while putting on dress.
7:12 -Allow Mother to stash spoonfuls of food while combing hair.
7:14 -Gather bag, mobile, water bottle, lunch box, dupatta and socks and with mouth full of food, hound out of the house.
7:15 -Sit in the car, wave to Mother, arrange bag, arrange dupatta, ignore driver's startled looks.
7:20 - Ready to step on to the train in full glory.