Thursday, July 20, 2006

Catastrophic Concoctions

In a country where people do not leave home without a cup of coffee, I have spent an excrutiating 3 weeks without coffee. The result has been a sleepy, bleary eyed and de-caffeinated A Chatterjee with a deprived-of-coffee look on her face.

For reasons best known to the mysterious forces of nature, the coffee jug is always empty in the breakfast table in the morning, when I try to get some for myself. I watch with green eyes as everyone else sips their favourite cuppa.

When we tried to make coffee at home, somebody forgot to distinguish between salt and sugar and we ended up with a cup of very salty coffee which once again, I did not have the privilege to taste.

The other day, when we tried to make some of it on the microwave, the cup burst and the coffee flowed freely everywhere but to me.

As if to prove that when God does not will AC to have coffee, she shall have none of it, the vending machine betrayed me one morning. It has never refused to help me with hot chocolate so far, but that morning, just when I thought of giving a break to the hot chocolate ritual and go for a cup of coffee, the machine refused to dispense coffee on one occasion and a cup to pour the coffee on the other, I watched disgusted and gave up.

PS – this incident took place a week ago. Stars have changed since then. Have lunched at a coffee bar with a benevolent Italian with some fine coffee, have been to Star Bucks at a time when their coffee machine was working just fine and was just treated to some delicious home brewed coffee a short while back. To borrow an expression from the Reprobate ‘Inshallah!’


Akash said...
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Akash said...

Oh.. such a nice story
Anwesha was very thirsty
All coffee machines behaved like enemy
Then appeared a sweet Italian buddy
Who made her a nice cup of coffee
Drinking that she felt so very happy
Writing weblogs gleefully :)

stiletto said...

mmm....i lurve italian... ;)

The Reprobate said...

May your roads be winding and lead unto the stars....
May u always have coffee when u want.....
May u find what u are looking for


First Rain said...

Coffee ... ah ... let me go and fetch a cup.

You seem to be having quite a bumpy time - or maybe you are just blogging about the bumps! :)