Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oodles of Noodles

Has anyone tried the new Maggi Dal Atta Noodles???? It is to borrow an expression from Stilettoes 'craptacular'. I have always been a great follower of Maggi instant noodles and at the age of 4 along with Thums Up, it used to be my dinner on Sunday evenings. Maggi has rolled many stones since then (literally) - people accused Maggi of clogging gall bladders and small intestines and for malfunctioning livers. When I had a stomach upset at the age of 5, the doctor reeled under the shock of discovering my Sunday dinner Maggi habits for the past one year. Maggi was banned instantly.

Life was difficult and not worth living without Maggi - the advertisements on TV made it difficult for 5 year old A. Chatterjee to forget. Grief overcame me and when my parents found that I was but a shadow of my former self, they yielded...a Maggi a month they decided was not going to send me packing to the doctor again.....

So, I indulged...in Maggi Sweet and Sour flavour (that remains till date my favourite) and Chicken flavour and Masala (that's one the that has survived the see-saw of time) Then, there was Maggi Shrimp and Maggi Kheer (don't remember the exact name now - but it was a sweet flavoured horror) that I gave up after one try. As soon as the factories churned out new flavours and television announced it, it found its way into my intestines. Maggi and I were inseparable.

When we went to visit my super rich uncle - we played Genie and Aladin. He said I could ask for anything under the sun - i thought for thirty minutes and asked for Maggi noodles.

Then Nestle came up with Maggi Tomato and Maggi Curry - but they didn't tickle the palate much. I was into my teens at this time, and the only flavour that was easily available was Maggi Masala. It was too spicy for me and for a while I thought, I was going to give up the one food that I had declared as my all time favourite.

In the meantime, the pretenders were baring their fangs - I hated Top Ramen, but I got lured by Cup Noodles. For a while it seemed that I was going to fall prey to the charms to Cup Noodles vegetables flavour. That was before the great trip that turned me into a true Bharatiya.

Flung into a land half way across the world, where people counted their money in dollars and drank Starbucks coffee, I rediscovered Maggi noodles, paying for it at a premium price at Indian stores. It was the only food that I knew how to cook and for me Maggi spelt survival. Luckily, a few angles disguised as super chefs came to my rescue and I was once again eating 'ghar-ka-khana', but I could never repay my debt to Maggi.

Back home, there is a new flavour in vogue -Maggi Atta vegetable noodles - great taste and yummy - and considering that it is not made of flour , I also feel less guilty about having it. I am also looking forward to trying the Maggi Rice Noodles. But Maggi Dal Atta noodles yesterday morning, was a blot on the history of Maggi and sambhar. I love my Dosa and Idli and I think nothing makes the taste better than a bowl of well prepared sambhar. Maggi Daal Atta noodles is an insult to the holy sambhar and should be stopped. But what next? Shall we now have a Maggi Biriyani noodles? Maggi fish flavoured noodles?

I simply think that I am lucky to have been born at a time when they decided to invent something like Maggi for us common folk!!! Thank you God!!! Even though, you did not time our exit from the World Cup 2007 too well, you did a darn good job about timing my existence!!!!


First Rain said...

Oh Maggi n me,
Inseparable totally.


I so get what ya mean!

Oirpus said...


Here in Uk we have a place in Bristol called the Easton which has all the familiar people living. it is a place for the asian community and asian fashion and asian food.
On my trip here in UK I had brought along a dozen of Maggi noodles the curry flavour that I was able to prcure within the short notice I was given for the trip and man! it was consumed voraciously by my room mates and on my second day of arrival it was all gone!!!
I then discovered Maggi in some indistinct shop in Easton and I ahve kept going back for more... until there was some problem with the trading and they stopped importing maggi in UK.
I hear now things have improved but to my dismay there has been no trace of the maggi I love...
Please please please import maggi once again...

Anwesha Chatterjee said...

Heh heh!!! I am so glad to learn that I am not the only one who has grown up loving Maggi!!!!

Anonymous said...

Heh heh. I was searching the net for Maggi chicken noodles to buy in the UK and came across your blog. I laughed out loud! I am British but currently live in Cape Town, South Efrica! Maggi Noodles abound here and my two SA born grandchildren who now live in the UK love them so each birthday or Christmas present has to have a pkt or two in - chicken ones! I always have several packets in my cupboard here. Yum. It is now pricey to post stuff from here plus parcels don't always make it so I thought I would see if Nestle or someone else would have them in the UK. Seems like they should as they obviously have a ravening, voracious horde of would be Maggi Noodle customers! I did see that Amazon.com has large packs of them so maybe you guys can try ordering from them. I expect that they are not popular for Europe food dictators as they have E stuff, MSG et al in. Frankly with all the other instant stuff in the UK I cannot help but think that Maggi Noodles are no worse than anything else eaten in moderation. Ah, but wait a minim! Are any Maggi Noodle Munchers able to eat in moderation? I suspect not after reading this blog and some replies heh heh. Boy am I glad I live where I can buy them - drool at the thought my friends - forgive me a cruel chuckle heh heh heh.