Friday, May 18, 2007


During my first year in college, I once overheard my classmates D and S (both females) discussing among themselves the merits and demerits of the other girls in the class. "What about N?" asked S. "Too showy" said D. "And R?" "She thinks she is pretty, and she is quite snooty about it" "How's Anwesha?" asked S. I held my breadth. "She's okay" said D. I must confess, I was disappointed. I thought D would display some more charity. That she would say Anwesha was nice, charming, friendly, polite and all the good words in her vocabulary. Years later, in a world dominated by back stabbing, criticisms and malice, I know how much it takes for a woman to call another woman "okay". Those words mean mean the world to me now. Thank God, I am OKAY!!!


First Rain said...

Okay! If ya say so... :P

Oirpus said...

Just.... Okay!

Oirpus said...

@first rain

Sorry if that sounded copy catisssh... but it was the same reaction I had.

Candid Confessions said...

Agreed! Very few people say anything nice at all! And when they do, there is some intention! For sure!

Anwesha Chatterjee said...

@First Rain and Oirpus: he he , thank you!!! If you think I am okay, I am really grateful, I know how much it means.

@Candid Confessions: you are right. Given a chance, we gossip so much, that we never say nice things about people.