Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A 1955 Good Housekeeping Article


Oirpus said...


Where on earth did you chance on it? and I can see that you are in no mood for that bulls***t from the underlines... perhaps a setting of mid 50's would have been a good idea for these values to have been relevant, not now, not with woment striving for equality in evrything :-D

But a wonderful post nevertheless.

stiletto said...

y rn't u blogging these days. me down wid fever :(

iRiS said...

how extraordinary

Diya said...

Hi!! I chanced upon ur blog 'coz well I hv my exams going on so obv i was wasting tym ego-searching and decided to check out the one that had my name on the address! Girl, am I glad I did!!! :)

LOVED ur blog and surprisingly enough I share too many of ur views, have a bday comin up in a few days (as I notice do you).... hmmm am I by any chance a split personality?? A Chatterji by night and Kar by day??! Do you have any lapses in memory u can't trace??

;) Just kidding! Excellent blog... I'll def be reading it more often! Keep writing... this Anwesha'll read!

Loved this post and the Maggi one the most! I sent this around to my friends and all of us had a good laugh about how far removed we are from the ideal 50s woman! Perhaps 5 decades away! :P


Anwesha Chatterjee said...

@Anwesha: sorry buddy! I have off blogger for a long time because of my PC crash. Why don't you blog???