Wednesday, April 02, 2008

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Walk on the left side of wings in officeWalk on the right side of the narrow passage in office
Boss yells "Onnesha!@#$ ekhaane aaye"
Me: 'Aaaaaaashchiiii"
JL: Unwayeshea
Me: I'll be rite withya in a moment Jim
Theek achcheAowkay

Nobody asks "how are you" first thing in the morning. Its usually "code ta shesh hoyeche?"
Me: Naa:-((( aaro time laagbe

"Good Morning Unwayeshea. Howeru dewing today"
Me: Guuuud..:-)))))
Lunch - tiffin..Ma ka haath ka khana. sniff sniff!Lunch in cafeteria. Er….does brocolli contain beef? No? then please add it to the topping. Pepperoni is just a cute Italian way of referring to the salt and pepper wala pepper right? Add it by all means!!!
Parties: Coke or Fanta?Parties: White wine or Red wine?
Free cardomom tea from the vending machine. Accompany DJ and SS to the vending machine and yawn while they have coffee.Free french vanilla decaf from the coffee maker or 60 calories per serving hot chocolate which I always have first thing in the morning.
Proxy server blocked: No Yahoo Mail, Rediff Mail…Gmail, Orkut, Rediff Movies, Blogger...
9am: empty office. Nobody around to appreciate your punctuality.8am: everyone deep into work. Gosh! I am late!!!
8pm: sneaking out of office, hoping that nobody will notice.5pm: Bye J :-)))) Have a nyice evening. :-))))
J: Biiii Unwayeshea. Cya tomorrow!


First Rain said...

Heehee! I hear your pain, girl. I hear ya.

Anwesha Chatterjee said...

@FR: thank you buddy. :-(((