Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bean counting and calorie counting will eventually kill the Bong. I used to love eating my slices of bread with butter and jam on both sides, till I discovered that I was gorging on a heavy duty bread which carried 110 calories per slice while my diet obsessed room mate asked me not to have more than 1000 calories a day! Butter does not find a place in my grocery list anymore, but jam has sneakingly made a place after I decided that I needed an alternative to chocolates. Its jam session all the time these days and as long as I don't know the specific calorie count of what I am eating, I exercise no restraint - pun intended.

Now that chocolate is out of bounds for me, I have been counting the omnipresence of it in my life and suddenly I'm realising that so many things are going to change now!

1. No more chocolate cereal for me - have replaced it with a killer bore of vanilla and almond cereal.

2. Chocolate chip cookies - my best friend when I was
a) Bored
b) Reading a storybook
c) hungry
d) Had nothing to do
e) Depressed
f) Feeling full after a heavy lunch
is now about to give way to lime flavoured nachos. I am already dreading the prospect of getting double depressed by missing the chocolate chips when I am depressed.

3. Chocolate flavoured milk - low fat or plain milk with Bournvita/ hot chocolate/chocolate Horlicks is now going to yield to plain, humble and lowly low fat milk. I cannot think of an alternative right now and that's making me triple depressed.

4. Chocolate cake, pastry and brownies - I don't know how I am going to refuse cake on people's birthdays and play the spoil sport. I don't even know how I am going to sit and watch people eat chocolate cake right in front of me.

5. Chocolate ice cream - I am trying strawberries for the moment. Something healthy and tastes so different from ice cream that it will hopefully help me forget me what ice cream is like. I always detested the shocking pink colour of strawberries but shock therapy is what I am in for at the moment.

6. Chocolate covered doughnuts (sniff sniff! tears) - plain bagels/bread?

7. My favourite bar of chocolate - full milk, full sugar, full fat whatever! - Heaven help me! I really don't know the answer.

I guess you can take chocolate away from me, but you cannot take me very far away from chocolate! Literally, no matter what a store stocks, it always has chocolates. It is impossible to go anywhere without stumbling on some product of chocolate. Even as I speak, I see a chocolate coloured coffee mug right next to me and it is making things more painful than before. As I said, bean counting and calorie counting will kill the Bong someday!


Souradyuti said...

hmm... mon diye shono tahole;);)

If you are sincere about reducing your body weight and if your profession does not entail much physical work --what I assume to be the case from your posts-- then you probably first need a systematic psychological regimen in addition to a moderate dietary regimen. I believe in the slogan “no sweat to shed body weight”. Here are a few tips for what they are worth,

1.You must buy a scale to monitor your weight-count everyday (it takes less than a second). This will put you on high alert. Just calorie count is not sufficient.
2.Calculate your BMI index and find the degree to which you are overweight (if at all you are).
3.Find out the health risks associated with that condition. This apparent harmless condition triggers a chain of dreaded conditions starting with diabetes, insomnia, depression etc. and ending in getting burnt inside out in the crematorium.
4.Convince yourself that it is rather a good idea to stem them in the roots than suffer from them in future.
5.Attach a poster of, say, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy to the wall, and wonder how much sacrifice she might have made and how strict discipline she must have been through to look as fat-free and slender like a fern tree as in the picture.
6.Fill up your stomach with plenty of fruits and vegetables when you are hungry. No matter how big the amount is, because they don't release much calorie/energy (except banana etc.) on being burnt inside the stomach.
7.The above psychological regimen will, in a spontaneous way, make you refrain from eating the food items with high calorie such as potato chips, all fast food available in McDonalds, KFC etc. It would further motivate you to do some physical exercises too on a regular basis.
8.You can surely indulge in chocolates (more so when you are depressed) if the past seven points are put into practice.

Oops!! I simply sound like a fat old school teacher (not much different a species in reality though;);)).

Anwesha Chatterjee said...

@Akash Sen: you are bang on right man!!!!! I am going to follow all the stuff you said except the first one - I am going to get a shock if I see my weight, so I better refrain from doing that!!!