Monday, June 30, 2008

A few $$$ none the richer

Just discovered a store in this country where they keep DVD’s of Bong movies. Some of them are quite recent, only a year old I’d say. This is certainly encouraging. Better spend $3 on a movie which you can choose not to watch after a point rather than spend $8 not including taxes to watch ‘De Taali’ - where you are one amongst the only six people who made it to the hall. Well, we make mistakes. I was elated to hear about a hall here where they screened only Indian movies and went to watch whatever movie was showing. I came out two hours later with a throbbing pain in my head which happened because I accidentally bumped against the wall in the darkness so that the remaining persons in the hall would not know that I was one of the six who ignored all warnings and watched the movie.

So, this movie has Ayesha Takia, Aftab Shivdasani and the brilliantly under utilized Ritiesh Deshmukh. Aftab (Abhi) plays Ayesha’s (Amu) love interest and I say this because the movie is about Ritiesh (Paglu) and Ayesha trying to get Aftab interested in Ayesha while the bloke clearly likes every other girl in town. Three of them, best friends since school have now grown up and while Aftab gets written about in magazines for his business acumen, he does not even know the address of his office. Ayesha conveniently works in Abhi’s Dad’s (Anupam Kher) office while Paglu is a venture capitalist whose ventures have never made capital. That does not stop Mr. Deshmukh from wiling away his time helping friend Amu win Abhi‘s heart, while his landlord resigns to writing off three months rent in despair.

Enter Kartika (Rimi Sen), the femme fatale who is the thirty second girl to steal Abhi’s heart, the thirty first being the sultry Neha Dhupia who practices necromancy. Former girl friends include drug addicts and kleptomaniacs, so when Rimi is the social worker who courts the disco by the night, Aftab could not have it any better. The two fall in love while escaping the eyes of Amu and Paglu who by the way, are shown to be constantly at Abhi’s side and things come to a state that Abhi decides to marry Kartika much to the dismay of his friends.Paglu tries his best to stop the marriage and when Amu and he learn that Kartika is not really in love with Abhi but only after his money, Amu also joins the struggle. It is literally a struggle because Kartika is always a step ahead of them until they take desperate measures and kidnap her. From here, the movie gets from bad to worse because they try to make a comedy out of the situation while finding out her true identity. Turns out that she is Anjali who comes from a troubled family and has a troubled past and is now bent on marrying an extremely rich person to make amends for all the things that she has been deprived off in life. Too bad, before Paglu can inform Abhi about Kartika’s antics, the hostage has escaped and framed her sad story in such a way that Abhi is more determined than ever to marry her. A last minute change of mind by Kartika saves the day for Amu who has not been much of a hit with Abhi and our lover boy gets a girl (never mind which one).

Well, I have loads and loads of loose strings to tie after watching this movie. The first one is my purse. There come questions like, shouldn’t Paglu be more concerned about finding means of making money rather than spending all his energy uniting his friends? Is it worth kidnapping his best friend’s fiancé just to stop the marriage? Why is Amu in love with Abhi who is clearly interested in every other girl in town and not falling in love with Paglu who is so devoted? Ritiesh Deshmukh clearly has all the screen time. He is a brilliant actor and its time bigger directors took notice. He has been proving his acting prowess for much too long now to be ignored by serious film makers and has definitely grown beyond the slap stick comedies that we are so used to see him do. Personally, I think he would be brilliant in a negative role in some chilling suspense thriller. Ayesha Takia acts well. She is sweet, dances well and manages to hold her own. I only wish she had a better script. Aftab is dead pan as always, thank God he’s not doing a sleazy role in this movie.

There wasn’t much to watch here, but the songs are good. And as one friend put it, we should have spent those two and half hours in the empty theatre playing “kumir danga” - for those who don’t know Bong, I cannot explain this game except that we played it everyday as kids and it needed lots of empty stairs.


stiletto said...

I agree that i am tad delirious with fever.

But did you actually write a review on De taali????

PLease tell me i misread an entire post.

I am going back to bed and will think of disowning you

Anwesha Chatterjee said...


Deedot, we all have our ups and downs in life. Friends like you should stand by my side now instead of disowning me.

Btw, I wish I could name a single movie released in the last three months that is worth a decent review.

stiletto said...

Since you are on a movie watching spree, can u please go watch via darjeeling and tell me how it is

actually u cud make money out of this stuff you know

and today i have taken the day off from work coz unwell... am thinking of watchign... whatsitsname... the idiotic bhansali film... the blue one.. hee hee hee... the blue film...

ok, enough occupying your comments section to ramble

pliss to tell how via darjeeling is

stiletto said...

ok, i am not done rambling yet (and post medication i suddenly feel energetic and hyperactive)

Business model for you:
1. you set up a blog in which you invite film watching requests

2. you set up paypal system for yourself

3. each requester pays you say 1$ for watching the movie (so if there are 5 requests, thats a 5$ per movie straight on a single day)

4. for a basic rating of the movie, you charge 1$ per person, for a complete review without spoilers 1.50$ per person (so now you have 10$ or more on a single day for a single movie)

4. money :)

Anwesha Chatterjee said...

@Stilletoes: Great idea! But I am worried that you are stressing yourself out. Is it that you get these money spinning ideas when you have fever or is it that you were so distressed by my situation that you ingored your health condition to help me out? Bottomline: I can still call you friend-in-need. But take a break buddy! You need rest!!!

Ab said...

haha... nice conv.... i had posted a comment somewer here... wonder where it is!

btw, u'd make a decent reviewer!

souparna said...

Kumir Danga! Was searching for english for the same, stumbled upon your blog!