Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Being inside an automatic car wash facility is like experiencing three seasons at once. I was inside one yesterday and was as delighted as a child.

They start by spraying your car with enough foam to create a soap-snow storm. You can't see what's ahead of you and the conveyer belt simply takes you along.

Then, when you think you're hopelessly lost in that foam, scrub pads that are shaped like giant pine trees (in all colours: red, blue, yellow and green) clear away the soap and brush and clean your car. Its like rainfall in spring washing off all the snow and leaving the sky clear.

But no, your car is dripping wet and you then encounter a blower which like the zephyr winds of summer dry away all the water leaving your car dry, fresh and sparkling!

PS - pity! I was too engrossed to take any pictures. But there will be a next time...hopefully soon!


Ab said...

haha.... change of seasons in fast forward, eh? btw, u were supposed to be in cal;cutta right? wr r u now?


Oh gosh! I've always wanted to do that.. sit in a car while it gets a wash! What a fantastic array of colors! Pictures! Pictures! I demand pictures!

Say, where are girl?

P.S - did you always have word verification?????

Anwesha Chatterjee said...

Ladies and Gentlemen: for those who do not know/feign ignorance/suffer from amnesia, I am now in Uncle Sam's land doing justice to my tribe of loyal "onsite" devoted, $$$ obsessed, 9-5 working hours craven, Starbucks and second hand Toyota driven s/w engineers.

@Aparna: Yes, I was getting more comments from spam than from real people, so I had to start this word verification thingy. I have to verify some crazy gibberish below now to post comments in my own blog.