Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dark was the Knight

For the record I watched 'The Dark Knight' last weekend and so I can join the elite class who says that it is the greatest movie yet to be made from a comic strip. But if truth be told, I did not understand most of it.

I liked Bruce Wayne. Now that's a guy, handsome, rich, owns restaurants (big plus point where A Chatterjee is concerned) and has blondes hanging out with him in choppers. Wow! I thought it was great that he fell asleep in meetings and his company still managed to make profits to sponsor a bat mobile (someday I shall earn enough to own one) and I think he should not have bothered to save the world (or Gotham) because nothing was going to come of it anyway. Batman was yawn..zzzzz...boring.

I am seriously scared of the joker and more scared of people who liked the joker. But I guess, when you act really well and when its the last act of your life, you will give it your best and hope mankind will remember you for it. Heath L - wow!

Coming back t0 the main point, I liked the cars and parties and the good looking people (Harvey Dent - 9.5/10) but I hardly understood the story. However, since every review in town is giving the movie a 4.5 and since I am a very discerning critic, I shall rate this movie...4.3 just to show what a big snob I am.


Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Batman was never a comic in the classical sense. It was never a comic where the good was destined to defeat the evil. It is darker than any of the standard superhero fare. Other than the likes of the Joker and Penguin Bruce Wayne has his own demons to fight against. All in all, a superhero story which has multiple layers in it.

And when you have Christopher Nolan directing The Dark Knight, you can rest assured that he will go beyond the superficial. And yes, Heath Ledger's Joker manages to match, if not surpass Ennis Del Mar.

Avaran said...

haha... precisely why i dont even bother watching these movies....
i mean, jaane tu is atleast a love story, na?
well, anyways.... i lik these characters who fall asleep at meetings, or appear to be otherwise engaged during briefings, but still manage to pull off what has to be done for success!

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

I could not but reply.
Your comment, Avaran, just drives home the reason why the general movie going public in India cannot go beyond linear, single-plot storylines.
A movie is more than a story. It is art. An orchestra of pictures, sounds, speech, story, technique and technology which enthralls you as long as it plays and makes you dwell on it long after.
But sadly the standard fare that Hindi cinema dishes out these days fails poorly. In fact, regional cinema is sometimes so much better.

Anonymous said...

So, not watch it, you say huh? There was a huge article about 'Jokers', and how they are quite scary.. Interesting trend of contradictions this world is throwing at us, huh? :-)