Tuesday, March 09, 2010

For want of a nail...

And so the kingdom was lost - well this sums up my story. I woke up this morning determined to eat healthy and started my day with a glass of warm water for breakfast.

Lunch time arrived, having wrapped itself in a cloudy mist of nothingness and disappeared before I could realise. I had controlled my pangs of hunger until then and eaten a very healthy meal.

By afternoon, I thought that I had been such a good girl that I could surely reward myself with a packet of baked potato chips. And so the down slide began. After an hour, I thought that a donut could do me no harm, so I ordered two - triple chocolate flavour.

Then I had a mocha ice cream shake because I wanted a drink.

Then I had a papdi chat because I wanted to eat something Indian. The papdi chat was ordered from a sweet shop and I ended up buying a few ladoos and gulab jamuns (all for tomorrow)

By the time I got back home, I thought one gulab jamun could do me no harm and ate a ladoo and a gulab jamun.

As I write this, there is still some time for dinner and I am willing myself not to eat anything more tonight.

Moral of the story: Never skip breakfast.


Purple Cow said...

Another moral is that the first excuse, however noble, only opens the door to more excuses...anyway...you should never begin diets on Tuesday...Monday is the day.

Dej@vu said...

had things been different i would have said so..and how can things be different..skipped the breakfast and a ok ok lunch and then the masala corns..they did it..can't even open my mouth about the downslide..hoping to have breakfast tomorrow morning positively..