Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Silent Prayer for the Faith Departed

In the land of plenty, the young lord Hanuman is hoisted under the rear view mirror of a car ready to make the huge leap of faith over the G mountain. This time, he's not alone. A Toyota Camry is his vehicle of choice. Recalls notwithstanding, he thinks he can beat the sun to Olympic glory.


duhita said...

International school of paris. Age 8/9. we got access to Mahabharat on VHS. Mighty excited about that. I was given the mighty task of handing over the VHSes to an Indian classmate (father's colleague's child).
one of them had a cover picture of Hanuman. Enter Firang kid classmate: *Shrieks* "awww.... what a cute baby elephant!"

(first time commenting with a name - do welcome me!)

Anwesha Chatterjee said...

Hello Duhita? Welcome welcome...nice to know you and thanks for sharing your experiences!!!


Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure to share experiences these days ;)

Nice to know you too. How do you do?


sanjeet said...

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