Saturday, May 15, 2010

A bad day in office

I lost all the games that I played on the computer. My win percentage is now at 26%

I seemed to all but lost interest in this blog that I started nearly six years ago. It may not augur well for my readers (do you exist?) and me, but I am trying to make amends. I have just quit the job that I started six years ago. It was out of boredom in office that I had decided to chronicle my life and everything surrounding it out here. This blog was my outlet, because when I looked out of my office window I saw concrete buildings instead of the great blue sky. Now that I have quit that job, I somehow feel that this blog and everything that tied me to the umbilical cord of that job are being torn away. Three of us started blogging together and two of them gave up eventually. The burden of carrying the practice has fallen on my unworthy shoulders and I find the cross heavy to bear. Hence, this reluctance to blog, to ruminate and to write.

This blog was my lifeline, but recently I found another one, a better one - a husband. And a new beginning. Not a new job, but I am finally doing something that I have wanted for the last seven years - to go back to school. In an ironic way, my posts were a constant reminder to me that life would go on..ob la di..but I was not chasing my dream. Now that it has been fulfilled, should I shut shop?

I am still wondering...


sohailqazi said...

hello dear friend hpe you have good days and weekd in tyour life.
i liked your blog. how did you set the clock and oil and gas consumption showing machine.

Purple Cow said...

I discovered your blog just a few posts ago.
You write well.
Whatever you decide to do is your decision...perhaps a new blog for your new life.
I wish you luck.

Anonymous said...

just when i was thinking of re-starting. you cant do this to me now.


Anonymous said...

Me too

panagiwta said...

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